What is Proximity Marketing?

What is Proximity Marketing?


You just got a notification on your phone.

As a matter of fact, so did 2 others in your party of 5 as you eat at your favorite restaurant – Joe’s.

The message reads:

“Love Joe’s? Click for Specials”

Whoa! How the heck did they know you were here? How did they find you?

The Answer: Impressive technology called Proximity (Beacon) Marketing. And the savvy business owner at Joe’s is taking full advantage of the benefits! (See Affiliate Disclosure)

What is Proximity Marketing?

I’ve been an Online Marketer for less than a year now but over that period, I have seen a lot of different marketing strategies.

From Facebook Ad Marketing to Email Marketing to YouTube Marketing – the list goes on, each of these powerful in their own right.

Proximity Marketing is using wireless technology to send advertised content to individuals in a specific location.

According to Neha Mallik of Beaconstac.com (2014):

Beacons are low-cost, low-powered transmitters equipped with Bluetooth… that can be used to deliver proximity-based, context-aware messages.

Benefits of Proximity Marketing

Depending on your industry, this technology can be a game changer! Although the idea is definitely not a new one – Apple and Samsung have had their versions – the concept has recently taken off in a big way.

This wave of marketing has many benefits for professionals such as realtors, restaurant owners, network marketers, and a host of others.

Imagine that you are a realtor having an Open House this weekend. You want bodies in the door, right? Of course, you do!

Placing this small device (or devices) in the vicinity of the home would “beam” your message and link to nearby walkers and drivers. Maybe your message could say “Looking for a Cozy 3 bd Home?’ or perhaps, “Join Me for Coffee and Cookies” followed up by a link for more information.

How cool is that?

Note: If you are a food establishment owner (i.e. a bakery), I highly suggest strengthening (or creating) your online presence. This is the perfect way to consider doing that. Read more about it here.

Features of Devices Include:

Light-weight Durable Compact
Wireless Discreet Lasting Battery Life


As an Online Marketer, one challenge I foresee is determining your target market as you decide what short, eye-catching advertising message you will use.

For instance, if you happen to be at a sporting event and you are marketing health and wellness products, what would you say to the crowd that only has their current location in common? Or you are in the travel industry? Or Personal Finance?

If you like challenges, this would be the perfect time to bring your creativity into the picture! If you’ve got some ideas for these marketers, leave them in the comments.

Another challenge I see is physical device placement. Take the realtor example, for instance. Unless he has 3 cars he can strategically place in the neighborhood, it may be difficult to place the devices where the intended passerbys can receive the message. And at roughly $25 a pop, losing these babies can become costly!

My Humble Opinion

In all, I still feel as if this technological craze can be an awesome addition to a marketer’s toolbelt. Variety has never been a wrong move so long as it is done with research, knowledge, and without overload. If you’ve had experience with these little gems, leave your thoughts in the comment section.



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