3 Reasons Why Network Marketers Fail and How to Prevent This From Happening to You!

3 Reasons Why Network Marketers Fail and How to Prevent This From Happening to You!

10 years ago, while working as a bakery manager in the mall, I met a young lady named Drew. She began asking me questions like, how long have I worked for the company and if I ever looked at alternative ways of making money.

After a short conversation, she invited me to listen in on what was called the company “business plan”.

I was so intrigued by all that the company had to offer that I quickly signed up and did everything that was required:

  • Make a list of family and friends
  • Set up 3-way calls and home meetings
  • Talk to everyone!

It was all good for the first few months until I quickly ran out of family and friends, people that promised to show up to my meetings went AWOL, and no one in the grocery store wanted to hear about my business opportunity – they just wanted their relish.

That was years ago, and boy do I wish I knew what I know now!

1. Tap into a System

I wish I knew that what I had was an opportunity. An opportunity that people were searching for online as we speak!  Hence, the magnitude of utilizing Attraction Marketing.

How awesome would it have been for me to not have to drive 80 miles 1-way to meet with a prospect?

I would have done backflips knowing that every client I needed was online and waiting for me to “show up”.

That’s the basis of Attraction Marketing… not having to chase after potential clients but sitting back and watching prospects come TO YOU – just by providing valuable content to your niche community (your target market).

A system is imperative to the healthy start of your Network Marketing business. Be sure to reach out and keep in contact with your upline to see what is working for them.

If they are caring and have your best interest in mind, they will want the entire team to succeed.

The system should be highly educational with proven results.

For more information on the system many home-based business owners use, as well as myself – click here.

2. Brand Yourself

Many times, Network Marketers sign up for amazing opportunities and they are so excited! Why?

Well, because now they have a very professional looking website that they can direct prospects to, right?

The only problem with this is, you are now representing “Company ABC” and not “Sally James”.

The importance of showcasing Sally James is because you are The Brand. You do not want to be boxed into a product, service or opportunity.

This is the time to discover who YOU represent. What image do you want to portray to the world? What are your values? What do you stand for?

Apple, Google, Ford, and Dewalt are all established brands that the public has grown to know, like, and trust. These companies have established reputations all leading to customer loyalty.

This is what you want in your own business. You are NOT your Network Marketing company!

For more free help on recruiting prospects into your Network Marketing business, click here.

3. Establish Your Target Market

So, you have this great product, service, or opportunity but who is it for?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who stands to benefit from what I have to offer?
  • How would they benefit emotionally, financially? (This is not the time to focus on the features of what you have to offer).
  • What does your perfect client look like?
  • Where does he/she shop?
  • What is the ethnicity of this person?

These questions will help determine what your Customer Avatar looks like. This is important because Network Marketers cannot pitch their opportunity to everyone – because everyone does not fit into your target audience.

You ever wonder why no one is responding to your posts on social media about your product/service? Well, it’s because most of your family and friends are NOT in your target audience!

They will support you (barely, in most cases) because they love you but what you have to offer does not appeal to them in any way!

By talking to everyone – you are, in fact, talking to NO ONE.

Now that you have 3 strategies in your “knowledge toolbelt”, you can avoid the pitfalls that many Network Marketers face. Don’t fall into the trap of not having a system, not branding YOU, and not establishing your target market.

Please take advantage of the resources provided – they are fundamental to ANY small business, not just Network Marketing.

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Our time is done, but let me know your opinion of what should be avoided in the Network Marketing business in order to be successful. I’d love to hear about your wins and the lessons you can teach others!



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  1. Totally love your first tip about systems.
    My motto is “people fail…. systems don’t”.
    Keep up the great content!

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