My “Miracle Morning” Journey Day 1

My “Miracle Morning” Journey Day 1

Hey Guys!

So it’s about 6:20 a.m. and as promised here I am starting my Miracle Morning journey with you guys.

Now, Miracle Morning is a book that is written by Hal Elrod that I just started reading and I’m super excited to transform my mornings by doing these daily routines –  and also to transform my life, really!

And you guys can feel free to join me every morning, as I go through what is a challenge for me. If know anything about me, you know that I am NOT a morning person!

As a matter of fact, I was surprised to see that it was light outside at 6 a.m. Like, I just didn’t know, I thought I overslept. So that how little I know about 6:00 a.m. in the morning.

But guess what? I’m dedicated to transforming my life; transforming my business.

Again, very surprised that not only am I awake, but my kids are awake too! I mentioned to them what I would be doing, starting today, and they wanted to join me too. My son is already meditating and I didn’t want to interrupt him to do this live video.

And my youngest daughter, she’s up. She’s not really going through the steps, but the fact that she’s up at 6 a.m. is amazing to me hahaha

This is truly a Miracle Morning for my household, okay?

What I am going to be doing today:

  • I’m starting off with some meditation
  • Going into some affirmations
  • Doing a little visualization. I have a vision board app, that’s really cool
  • Going to be doing some journaling
  • Some reading
  • Oh, and some exercise.


Again, if you know anything about me, I’m not a morning person and I not the type to exercise any time of the day! This is going to be quite the experience.

I’m really looking forward to this Miracle Morning routine that I plan to implement every day.

If you’re already doing this, if you have already implemented the Miracle Morning into your daily routine, drop a comment below and let me know, yeah, I’m already doing it and let me know how it’s working for you.

And if you like this video, if you plan on joining me then go ahead and share.
I will talk to you guys soon. I’m going to get started right now!

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Bye for now,


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6 thoughts on “My “Miracle Morning” Journey Day 1

  1. I like your article on mindfulness. I think it’s wonderful you are teaching your children meditation. I normally don’t have time in the morning to meditate unless I get up at 4am., but what I have been doing is listening to affirmations (I set it to loop) while I sleep..

    1. Lisa, I think those affirmations are great. I know that many people are strapped for time in the morning. For those that are, I’ve recorded this Live to help with the PRE-routine routine! Check it out here >>> Thanks for your comment!

  2. I have heard of Miracle Morning. Reading your journey is inspiring. I started journaling then stopped, but meditation is a must to get through the day.

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